Things I am

Digital campaigner at Oxfam GB
English literature student at Open University
Wannabe filmmaker
Amateur photographer
Obsessive new year's resolutioner

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New year's resolutions

In 2014 I've got six resolutions, including writing a film and mastering a masterpiece

Latest updates

Jan 2013: My resolutions for 2014 – and how I got on in 2013.
Jan 2013: Here's a fascinating document detailing how much I drank each day in 2013.
Dec 2013: I've finished reading the Bible. Thank God.
Dec 2013: The last of my 12 songs for 2013
Dec 2013: A small example of the complexity of reading and studying The Bible

Musician of the year

In 2013 I recorded one piece of music each month. By the end I had an album

Keeping up with the booze

In 2013 I kept track of every unit of alcohol I guzzled

Testing texts

My 2013 challenge: reading The Bible and The Qur'an


Sometimes I take photos of things that look nice


Help me make a film

26 book challenge

My task for 2012: a book a fortnight, from 26 countries